Vector’s Public Portal displays both real-time (delayed 10 minutes) and historic aircraft flight tracks over a user-selectable base map. Users can zoom and pan, locate their homes, and file a noise complaint through the PlaneNoise system. When the user first starts the Public Portal, the delayed real-time data is showing on the screen.

Flight Track Data

The flight track data displayed is the same data that is available to the Airport and comes from the HTO multilateration flight tracking system. This system is based around the Airport and can track aircraft close to the Airport but has a range of approximately 12NM and is affected by the curvature of the earth. Aircraft flying very low to the ground and/or at the edge of the range may not be tracked. Flight tracks above 10,000FT MSL are filtered due to the number of jet overflights from the NYC area airports.

Base Map

All active flights are shown on the base map as labeled circles. Each aircraft has a tail that shows the last 20 seconds of its flight track and when the user selects an aircraft by clicking it, the tail turns into a trail, which shows the entire flight track for that aircraft. The label that follows the aircraft shows its altitude. The user can change the base map by selecting an alternative in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Each map may have layers that are also user selectable by clicking them on and off.

Historic Flight Track Replay

The historic flight track data can be accessed through the Replay Tracks tool. The user enters a start and end date and time and clicks the play button to start the data. The user can speed up or rewind the data using the buttons at the bottom of the Replay tool. The time of the data being displayed is shown in the upper left hand corner. When replaying historic data, the time is labeled Replay Time. Clicking the small square stops replay and returns the display to the near real-time mode. The data will replay up to two hours before automatically stopping.

Address Search

To help the user locate and mark their home on the map, an Address Search tool in the bottom left of the map allows the user to enter and address and have an icon show the address on the display. The icon makes it easy for the user to see their home in relation to the flight tracks. Most addresses can be found easily but if your address is not found initially, try using a different name for your town or area.

Noise Complaint

The Add Complaint button on the bottom right allows the user to enter a noise complaint through the PlaneNoise system. Please enter all relevant data into the complaint form and click Submit. The complaint will be saved automatically and airport personnel will process this complaint according to their procedures.